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Cannabis Laws and Opioid Overdoses

"Can Marijuana Help Cure the Opioid Crisis?" - The New York Times

"Medical marijuana is not the way out of America’s opioid crisis" - The Economist

"Can medical marijuana help combat the opioid epidemic? Maybe not, new study finds." - Vox

"A cautionary tale about medical marijuana and opioid deaths" - The Washington Post

 "Medical pot laws no answer for US opioid deaths, study finds" - Associated Press

"The Health 202: No, legalizing medical marijuana doesn't solve the opioid crisis" - The Washington Post

"The Misplaced Optimism in Legal Pot" - The Atlantic

Also: The Wall Street Journal, NBC, The National Review, AlterNet, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Inverse, STATNews


HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

"PrEP reduces HIV infections by over 95% in US ‘real world’ study" - AIDSMap

"Truvada and the truth: is HIV prevention propelling the STI epidemic?" - The Guardian


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